The joy of the delivered gift

Candybox gift joy

There is a special feeling that comes over us all with the realisation that there is a parcel at your door that you did not order - what could it be? - Oh the mystery, the anticipation!! As you get closer and see your name on the address label and the Candybox logo - it gets even more exciting.   A gift - for me!

 Then there is the unwrapping, and as you look at the address label - you wonder what is Candybox?, (or if you know - which Candybox am I being sent ?) and who is it from? The courier packaging is off and the particular Candybox is revealed - yay - and you are further into the discovery - and still you wonder - who is it from? and you find the wee card which reveals the friend, family, lover or colleague’s message.

 As you sit smiling, having your week made that much better, it occurs that there is one more mystery to be uncovered and you open your Candybox to expose the yummy candy that fills the box and you eat the top one - Yum.

Go on - be the outstanding human that makes another outstanding human's day - send them a Candybox.