About the Candybox gift store and it's Chief Jellybean

Back in the day when most Kiwi kids just wanted a pair of Bata Bullets, a Raleigh Cruiser or a Popsicle - Carleen had higher aspirations…. She dreamed of owning a Lolly Shop.

30 odd years later she discovered Candybox. She knew it was a Sweet idea and would be her Lolly Shop for the Interweb generation...

 At a time when sending a card can cost you $9 before you get it in the post, Candybox provided a few compelling propositions:
  • A gift that’s way cooler than a card and so much sweeter than flowers
  • A website that makes it super easy to send presents to awesome friends and family
  • It’s possible to totally make someone’s week from the humble sum of $22
 So after much research, planning and several taste testing sessions, and asking Stephen, a bean counter, if he would count Jellybeans!  Carleen has taken on the mantle of Chief Jellybean.

She is super excited to be sending these sweet little boxes to her nearest and dearest and knows you will be too.