School holidays are barrelling down upon us. Need chocolate!

 A Happy Easter candy box is a different sweet treat this Easter
I don't know about you, but to me this school term has just flown by and Easter and the school holidays are barrelling down upon us!  Whether we like it or not they start at the end of the week!
I love that I don't have to organise my life around taking my Jellybabies to their activities.  I admit I do enjoy having them around - most times!  What I don't like is them sitting around on their devices all day!!  So we've just made a 'To do' list of what we want to do including things we can do at home, and yes, there will be 1 or 2 sweet treats for them and myself!  Why should the kids have all the fun.  Which is why we have 10% off our Easter Candy box. 
So if you know a parent, child, niece, nephew, friend or anyone in New Zealand that is about to 'embrace' the school holidays, send them an Easter treat now!
Carleen - The Chief Jellybean 

The message on our Happy Easter box is - "Sweet, it's Easter. And things are about to get even sweeter. Hop inside this box for some yummy Easter treats, just for you." And we'll also handwrite your own  personal message on the complimentary gift card.