Corporate Candy

We don't do hampers, we don't do flowers, we just do Candyboxes! Funky, delicious, quirky Candyboxes that is.

 When you want to wish staff and clients Merry Christmas, congratulate staff, announce a new product, thank clients, welcome new customers; or say anything really, well, you’ve got to say it with candy.

We can do little orders (starting from 10 of our Candyboxes), massive orders and everything in between. We can even customise Candyboxes so it looks like it was all your idea.

We have three box sizes - our awesome 300gm box (as seen in our candy store), our wee small 150gm box (great for giveaways and conference place settings) and our big 1kg box (great for whole teams). You can put anything in or on it - well almost!

Check out our cool little Candy Store.

We’ve spent years in the corporate world, so you can trust us to deliver the goods, metaphorically, physically and professionally.

So why don’t you drop us a line? We’ll send you out our Corporate introductory email covering the rates, types, sizes and what can be done to the Candyboxes. So ponder how Candybox can delight your clients, reward your staff or say hi to a prospective customer; then let's talk about some sweet ideas to make some awesome people happy.

Custom Candybox Gifts

Balloons over Waikato wanted to jump outside the box with their customised Candybox, if it can be printed onto flat cardboard it can be put on a Candybox!